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How to reach your financial goals and become wealthy

Joe Pryor has always known how to "FOCUS" on translating dreams into reality.

Patrick shares the stories of his amazing life journey, overcoming grief and reach your goals.

Do these things and your Life will change. The most crucial tools to live by.

How EMDR changed my life. Dealing with trauma and finding peace.

Turning Tragedy Into Victory - Tools To Manifest An Abundant Life

How to deal with negativity on the internet, living an authentic life and how to create a successful career.

How I finally owned my life & sexuality to become a very successful Hollywood agent.

How I overcame my food addiction - anorexia and food dysmorphia.

How to tap into the deep level of the soul, look beyond the rational mind to heal the mind and body.

How I quit college and created a million dollar business in less than a year!

Neuropsychology the path to greatness. How he went from homelessness to greatness.

The Heart Of Building a Brand. How to turn your life story into a legacy.

How I healed from the devastating loss of my family. What I learned, and how I change lives everyday.

How I Went From A Life Of Struggle To A Life Of Prosperity - Personal tips I learned along the way.

The Power Of Positive Parenting. My learning disability did not hold me back.

The Power Of Belief - The False Unbreakable Chain Of Thought

How to Create an Successful Marriage and How Opposites Attract

The Gratefulness Effect. How To Get Through Transition Without Letting It Take You Down.

How I went from a Counter Terrorism to a Successful Career Coach

How to build a successful real estate career

How To Train The Mind To Accomplish Anything

Uncover The True Potential Of Your Body

How to Maintain a Healthy Marriage, Fulfilled Life

How to get on TV, radio and print for your business

What you need to do to become a millionaire!

How To Attract The Perfect Love

The Science Of Happiness

Self Worth & How It Affects Your Life

What You Focus on Becomes Reality - What actually matters in life.

What it takes to be a Champion - This will change your life.

How to create your best life both spiritually and financially through quieting the mind.